Friends With Beer Podcast

"Two friends, two beers, one podcast, many topics."

Two friends toast each other and converse about all the things they love – Apple, fitness, tech, security, social trends, pop culture, and more – and post it here for your entertainment.

Latest episode

Episode 11Desperate Regret

Peter drinks fake beer with real desperate regret, then talks interval training, heat waves, sailing shades, and more. Scott drinks real beer with real satisfaction and eats real Tiramisu with genuine delight.

The Beer

Jul 26, 2022 27 minutes

Episode 6F—- You, Elon Musk

Peter gets tipsy while he and Scott revisit old search engines, precondition Teslas, try in vain to count Wegman's Pizza calories, fret over Peter's elephant foot, and so much more in this marathon length episode!

Dec 25, 2021 1 hour 13 minutes

Beersides 2Gratifuch

A short Beersides episode from October! The World Series was still a thing, but mainly Peter and Scott were feeling the Gratifuch.

Dec 7, 2021 15 minutes

Episode 4Every Horse They Rode In On

We drink a couple beers each and ponder business meetings, training, and TV shows. Then we talk about Windows 365 for at least two minutes, which is probably more time than it deserves.

Sep 1, 2021 41 minutes

Episode 3Drinking on Empty

Peter and Scott are drinking on empty, which isn't always the best bad idea. Peter likes to smile at tire pressure monitors, smoking duck lovers are people kids don't like, and you should always end all your sentences in "dammit"!

Aug 7, 2021 41 minutes