Beersides 1Don't Have Heroes

Jul 1, 2021 41 minutes

Friends with Beer has Beersides, and this is the first one! Scott and Peter drink the beers and have the talks.

The Beer

The Topics

  • False beliefs
    • Antivax
    • Confirmation Bias
  • Trail running injury
  • Security incidents that weren't
    • Bad security analysts
    • Bad security software
    • Avant-garde frustration
  • Peter does the Hot Ones style interview
    • Sadly, Peter did not cry
    • The Hot Ones
  • Boston and Portland heat waves
    • Is Boston safe? Can Peter run at night without getting killed?
  • Scott is feeling his 12oz beer
  • Tech news
    • Prime day
    • National Cyber Director
    • The After On Podcast
  • The Modern Intellectual Man
    • Some troubling tendencies of popular Neo-Intellectual male personalities
  • Paying for podcasts
  • The danger in having ultimate heroes who are other human beings
    • Lex Fridman's ultimate hero is Sam Harris
    • The religion of the big brain
    • Take what makes sense from other people, but don't have heroes
  • The simulation theory and other approaches to understanding reality
    • Your perspective does not change reality
    • There is a shared reality
    • We have filters - biological, social, emotional, intellectual, neurological, personal, experiential

The Links

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